Versatility Award

Only TEN haflingers have EVER won this prestigious award! In order to achieve the Versatility Award with your haflinger, you must accumulate 25 Halter points, 100 Western points, 100 English points, and 100 Driving points. This is extremely difficult and requires an exceptional amount of hard work and a very well trained horse. The ten horses below have accomplished this amazing feat!!

2017 Awardees:

Gabby RVM

Nicole Zelenak

Walnut Ridge Farm

Nunavick GF

Yoder Family and Emily Hummel

Twin Maple Farm

2016 Awardees:

Arlen NHH

Kelly Cooper

Walnut Ridge Farm

Catch You Later ABE

Rachael Kindler

Walnut Ridge Farm

2015 Awardee:

Mackinac RM

Lou Sutton

Walnut Ridge Farm

2014 Awardees:

Whispers of the Fruit CA

Schott Family

TLC Stables

Charlotte THF

Rachael Kindler

Walnut Ridge Farm

2013 Awardees:

Lucky Princess MMS

Lisa Schott

TLC Stables

All American Ladd WRF

Emily Hummel

Walnut Ridge Farm

Like A Charm KCH

Rachael Cooper

Walnut Ridge Farm